Terms & Policies


In this agreement studio engineers/interns my collectively be referred to as "MakeWatch" or "we" and anyone entering the premise or working remotely agrees to be bound by its terms. The client refers to you the party that is paying for the studio space as well as any associated parties in attendance. A"Session" refers to a window of studio time spent working for a client whether they are present or not. The conditions shown here are to be read together with all other statements and directives displayed on the premise. Failure to follow and of the terms & conditions of entry can result in ejection from the premises without refund.


All Sessions require a non-refundable $75 deposit. Deposits can be paid in cash, credit card or by PayPal.  Billing is measured in 15 minute increments. Invoices must be paid in full before delivering to Masters to client, unless written agreements are made between MakeWatch and Client. Sessions are billed from scheduled start time unless studio is for some reason unavailable.


If you "No Show" or do not give 48hr notice of a request of session cancellation you forfeit your deposit.


MakeWatch reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime. The right of entry is reserved by MakeWatch and entry is at your own risk. All entrants consent to video and sound recording, the result of which may be used for marketing or promotional purposes by Nexus Audio without compensation. Anyone caught defacing or causing damage to Nexus Audio's site or equipment will be evicted from the premises.

We reserve the right to charge a client for equipment that is stolen or becomes broken while you are on site. The client assumes responsibility for all the members of their party.

MakeWatch shall not be held liable to loss, injury or damages to any occupant, for any reason. Occasionally sound levels can exceed a safe listening threshold, this exposure may cause permanent hearing damage. Please consider using hearing protection during live instrument recordings. In the unlikely event of damage of theft of your property, MakeWatch will not be held liable. Do not leave valuables in your car



We require a deposit to confirm a session booking.This deposit is $75, or half of the overall cost, whichever is greater. To cancel or reschedule a session, we require 48 hours notice. If notice is given within 48 hours, all deposits may be forfeit. The fee for cancellation without 48 hours notice is $75 or half the session cost, whichever is greater. In the rare event that the studio becomes unavailable, or is out of operation during your session time, MakeWatch reserves the right to cancel your session and will refund any unused studio time rounded to the nearest 15 minutes. Unused time begins to be calculated when work stops. MakeWatch will give a good faith effort to give as much notice as possible, but wont be held liable for any cost or damages, personal or otherwise due to cancellation.



The mixing methods used at MakeWatch are our engineers intellectual property. We take pride in our craft and have spent thousands of hours gaining the skills our clients trust. To protect our methodology and workflow, we do not provide our mix data to anyone. This includes plugin settings, mixed Pro Tools session files, etc. We will gladly send you uncompressed audio files or processed stems from the mix. All Archival services are billed at the engineer's hourly rate. Stems are audio files created from each sound with mixing embedded; you can load them up 10 years from now and hear the same mix (while the same might not be easily done for current Pro Tools sessions file types at that time). To receive any music or files by us after after your session, your account must be in good standing with no money owed.