Let your creativity flow

We are a full-service music production facility. The studio is perfect for recording any and all vocals and instruments in any of our four custom-treated, acoustically isolated, multichannel recording rooms. MakeWatch is the premier piano recording facility in Northern California, featuring an incredible,1984 Type-A Steinway Grand piano. We have one of the most comprehensive instrument collections you'll find in a recording studio: two drum sets, 12 snare drums, 12 guitars and guitar amps, half a dozen basses and bass amps, classic analog synths, effects and percussion galore. MakeWatch offers state-of-the-art audio editing and restoration capability, whether tightening the timing and tuning of a performance, rescuing damaged home or location recordings in post production, or adding a creative layer to an arrangement. We can take tracks (in Pro Tools sessions, Logic, Garageband or any other DAW) recorded here, other studios, or even at home and provide analog mixing and mastering that gives them radio-ready punch and polish. MakeWatch also offers comprehensive photography and music video services to ensure you have all the materials you need to engage your fanbase. We're ready to work in any and all genres with equal fluency, from classical to electronica. Friendly, affordable, convenient, super-efficient. MakeWatchStudio is managed by veteran producer/engineer Chris Paxton, who has been a staple in the Bay Area music scene for the past 14 years.